Garden Planting - Orchardhill Landscapes

Garden Planting

Garden Planting - Orchardhill Landscapes

Thoughtful planning, careful plant selection and proper site preparation are essential to the success of new plants in your garden.
Choosing the correct plant for the correct place is a skill which requires experience and planning to the needs of the client. Various circumstances have to be taken into account such as:

Due to the busy lifestyles of many of our clients, there is an increasing desire for low to no maintenance gardens. We can offer various solutions such as the use of membrane, bark or decorative stone as a means of weed control. We can now offer artificial grass provision and lay for the ultimate maintenance free lawn.

We understand the various aspects of designing planting to suit any particular position, whether it is the subtleties of a scheme incorporating a more pastel palette of colours, eye-catching spot needing bold colours to make an impact, or a less well-structured position needing the strength of well-defined architectural shapes.

We at Orchardhill landscapes have over 15 years' experience of successful planting from single window boxes to the largest of areas both in private gardens and within the commercial sectors.

The services we provide range from garden design, provision of planting plans to adherence to client design or plan.